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Plug in & Recharge

“The body is a “living battery” that requires constant recharging. MCKS

Have you noticed how much we refer to the word ‘energy’ in our everyday conversations?

We talk about being “full of energy” or we say things like “I haven’t got the energy today.”
Wouldn’t it be good if we could plug ourselves into a greater supply, just as we do with our mobile phones and electronic devices? Imagine being able to easily recharge your body to enable you to function at 100% all day long.

By learning the self development tools taught in Pranic Healing you can gain a deeper understanding of life energy and the energy system of the physical body. You are then able to boost your natural energy levels and remain ‘charged up’.

Think of your body as a battery that can be positively (+) and negatively (-) charged. Simply thinking positively will help to keep your battery levels high. Thinking negatively will drain your battery.

Being around positive people will help to positively charge your personal battery and on the flip side being around people who are negative in their outlook will drain your battery. Energy is transferred from one person to another, this is the principle behind Pranic Healing.

Certain powerful energy generating exercises will have a positive effect on your battery, whereas sedentary and inactive behavior can have a negative effect.

Food, the weather and your environment all play a part in increasing and decreasing your battery.

Learning how to ‘plug in’ and ‘charge up’ using the tools and techniques taught in Panic Healing is simple. You can incorporate them into your day to transform how you feel.

Imagine having enough energy to see you through your work day, your time at home and for all of your sport and social activities. It really is possible with the knowledge you gain from learning  Pranic Healing.

 Transform how you feel everyday!