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New Normal – Moving forward with Pranic Healing

How has the ‘lockdown’ impacted you?
Have your motivation and confidence suffered?
Have your finances been hit hard over the last few months?
Are you finding it a struggle to think positively about how to get back to ‘normal’ life?  

The sense of hope that is usually brought about by the start of the Spring season has been overshadowed by the Covid-19 Pandemic across the globe.  An emotional rollercoaster is one way to describe what many people have been going through and for the majority, it has been life-changing. The world has been thrown into unchartered territory and our sense of freedom has been limited like never before.  

Lockdown has tested us all in different ways. What has been a period of reflection for some, for others, has been filled with anxiety and worry? For many, it has been an opportunity to spend precious time with family members, for others it has brought about a strong sense of loneliness.  

Working at home for many people has saved money from the usual daily expenditures like commuting or eating out, but for others, losing jobs or closing businesses has created a looming financial strain.   

Whatever situations you may have experienced so far this year, we all have to face working towards building a ‘new normal’. The good news is, this is a great opportunity to think about our lives and to embrace new techniques to help transform our ways of living.

Master Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing is designed to help people in all aspects of life including Health, Relationships, Finances and Spirituality. If you have not yet had a Pranic Healing session or considered taking the courses, then there is no better time to do so.  

Having regular Pranic Healing sessions and by learning the techniques for yourself will give you the skills to help improve your physical and mental health, build stronger relationships and develop a clearer sense of who you really are.  

If you are feeling a little ‘stuck’ here are two  important things to consider: 

Positivity – Your thoughts and emotions directly impact the outcomes in each area of your life.  To help yourself move forward in the right direction it is important to create the correct mindset and remove negative and limiting beliefs.  Pranic Healing techniques will help you become more positive.

Proactivity – A lack of motivation or drop in confidence can often follow a period of downtime or feeling unwell. A Pranic Healing session can be the perfect remedy to help reboot your motivation and confidence, helping you to become more proactive to achieve your goals.

As social distancing measures continue to relax, you will soon be able to attend Pranic Healing courses in the UK & Ireland again very soon. 

Book your place now to help move your life in the direction it deserves to go and discover your ‘new normal’. 



To join regular on-line Meditation sessions during a lockdown: