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Energy is Everything – Survive and Thrive

How is the Pandemic affecting you financially? Has your work been impacted? Maybe you or people you know have lost a job?

During recent months, many people are experiencing job loss for the first time. In a culture where work and self-worth are interchangeable, feelings of sadness and despair can trigger. For many, losing a job not only means financial burden through the loss of income but also the loss of identity.

Research shows that job loss may be related to Depression because it affects social status, self-esteem, the ability to use skills and the lack of mental and physical activity.

For others, the Pandemic has shone a light on the emptiness of some jobs and has motivated people to want to do something that really matters. It has been a time of opportunity to reassess values, question beliefs and realign lifestyles. 

Many are using this time to consider new jobs and career direction. Whilst some people are successfully making changes, others find themselves gripped by Anxiety – wanting to change but feeling ‘stuck’ as to how to move forwards. 

How about you – what situation do you find yourself in?  

Whatever circumstances you may currently be experiencing, one thing is for sure – money is needed to survive. Also, knowing how to thrive in life is key. 

What can you do to set yourself up for success?  

Pranic Healing teaches that energy is everything – your feelings, your thoughts, your relationships, your job, your health and your money. Once you understand how powerful your thoughts are, you realise how your attitude can either help or hinder your growth and success. 

Pranic Healing courses offer practical toolkits for life – with easy to use steps to help you and others. When you join in the classes you will learn extraordinary secrets for success. You will learn how to navigate seemingly testing times with inner peace and understanding. You will learn specific ways to remove any obstacles holding you back. You will learn how to manage your thoughts, feelings and emotions. You will learn tried and tested methods to improve your physical and mental health, including transforming illness and debilitating conditions such as Anxiety and Depression. 

By following specific Pranic Healing techniques you will learn how to create positive outcomes in all areas of your life. You will learn how to attract favourable situations at work, positive job and career opportunities, ease in interviews, quality relationships, good health and wealth. You will learn new skills and practical tips on how to generate income, money and success. You will feel empowered to deal with life in a completely new way, with the ability to change.  You will discover an inspired sense of direction and a limitless, unstoppable you. 

Whatever life throws at you, by learning Pranic Healing you will be investing in lifelong techniques so that you and others not only survive but totally thrive. You can’t afford to miss out, so what are you waiting for?  Register to join a class today.

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