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So what’s next for your Health?

To achieve your goals and live a fulfilling life, having good health is key.  Covid-19 has brought physical and mental health to the forefront of our minds. It’s been amazing to see so many people during lockdown exercising more, eating healthier and connecting with nature in a quest to maintain good health and a strong immune system. As elements of normality return to society, the challenge for many will be to retain the good habits that have been created but is this enough?  

Is there more you can do to keep your health strong?  

Six years ago, I learnt the answer to that question.  Having spent several years feeling low and always under-the-weather, I was open minded to a change of perspective when it came to my health.  That change of perspective meant looking beyond what I could physically see and understanding that ‘energy’ plays a huge role in how we physically and mentally feel. Coming from a science background, and naturally sceptical, I initially needed some convincing of this. Yet after attending the Level 1 Pranic Healing course to learn more, within no time at all, I was feeling the full benefits to my mental and physical health.  

In Pranic Healing you learn that the energy body is the blueprint to the physical body and therefore illness and health problems result from disturbances to the flow of energy or prana. This means that when your energy is clean and plentiful, you are in good physical and mental health and when your energy is dirty and low, you typically experience some type of health problem.  

The Pranic Healing courses provide you with the knowledge and techniques to keep your energy clean and plentiful, which translates to good health. For me, there is no doubt in my mind that my immune system is now more robust and I am more resilient physically and mentally. The skills you learn are a gift that you can use on a daily basis and carry through your life, helping yourself and others around you.  

If you’re ready to take control of your own health, there are several steps you can take:

  1.   Read: You can learn about energy and some simple techniques to improve your health and vitality in the ‘Your Hands Can Heal You’ book:
  2.   Listen:  Educate yourself from the comfort of your own home by watching this online transformational seminar series with Les Flitcroft:
  3.   Attend:  Enroll on a Pranic Healing Level 1 course today to learn in-depth about how you can transform your health using energy: