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Reasons why giving is good for your health

Having any type of ailment, physical or emotional, brings a level of uncertainty. What is the cause? Will it get worse? Will it return? 

If you could find a way to have inner peace and stability when the remedy is a very simple equation, would you be inspired to reshape the way you run your life?

The ancient equation can be found in time-honoured universal teachings that have been taught for centuries.

As the body gets older there can be a tendency for certain conditions to manifest. One ailment can lead to another and then for some, it becomes part of who you are, a constant worry at the back of your mind.

A physical or mental ailment such as stress, anxiety or fear can limit the way you live your life. Fears can stop you from doing things you wouldn’t have given a second thought to when you were younger. 

Ancient Teachings

In nearly every ancient text, you will find the same simple message. When you give, help and share with others, the same shall return to you. It is not necessary to have faith because these are natural universal laws. The law of cause and effect.

Examples across many books are;

What you sow is what you reap or what you give is what you receive

The Bible – Galatians 6:7

Just as a farmer plants a certain kind of seed, and gets a certain crop, so it is with good and bad seeds

Koran (Qur’an)

The message in all these ancient texts is the same. Remember these are from thousands of years ago, from different parts of the world in times where there was no awareness of other countries.

Feeling warm and fuzzy 

Don’t you feel that too? When you do a good deed for someone or gift money to charity, open a door to assist someone, or buy a homeless person on the street a coffee, you instantly feel warm and fuzzy inside. Especially when they look at you in the eyes, smile, and say “Thank you.” 

How do you think you’d feel if someone was upset or in a lot of pain and you were able to help them by relieving their suffering? How wonderful would it be for both of you? Imagine that feeling. 

With Pranic Healing, you have an opportunity to help others as well as yourself. And you can easily learn it. Even if your chosen career is not in the healing field, it doesn’t matter, not everyone has to be a healer professionally, but, everyone can benefit from healing. This is a life skill. In the classes, you not only learn how to help people with physical ailments you also learn about these natural laws and how by working with them your life can be improved. 

Good Intentions 

We all have good intentions but sometimes what is missing is that little rocket fuel that actually pushes you and activates your will to do good. 

To recap, the simple equation to a happier healthier life is….

Doing good deeds, helping others 

+ giving and sharing  

= A happier, healthier, more prosperous life. 

Is it that simple?

If you’d like to join millions across the world who are experiencing a better life, then register for a Pranic Healing course today!

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