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Building the confidence to take control of your finances

Facing up to financial challenges can be daunting and yet when you have the confidence to do so, it can also be hugely empowering.

Are you feeling worried about your finances?  Are you experiencing physical symptoms of anxiety, such as nausea, a racing heart or headaches? Do you feel trapped by negative money-related thoughts?

The end of the year is an excellent time to reflect, look forward with solutions, and set ourselves firmly on the path to financial control in 2022.

Fear is frequently driven by a sense of being out of control, and fear, in turn, creates feelings of worry and anxiety. People who are in debt or who recognise that their finances require attention frequently postpone dealing with it week after week. It takes confidence to deal with it head on.

Build the confidence to take that first step – and see it through

If you are suffering from a lack of confidence to confront your financial challenges, it’s most likely coming from fear. Perhaps you are frightened of seeing the real situation? Worried about whether you can do something about it? Concerned about what others might think? Removing this fear will take away the barrier to embarking on that first step forwards on the path to regaining financial control.

Pranic Healing and in particular, Pranic Psychotherapy, can help to remove fear and the negative thoughts associated with it which in turn will give you the confidence to take action, with clarity and clear perspective.

A clear mind to make better decisions

Sometimes, when we are in the thick of things, and feeling worried or anxious, it can be hard to see things clearly and therefore hard to make the right decisions. If we can remove the anxiety and worry that clouds our thinking and judgement, we can make decisions with a clear mind and the right perspective on the situation. Pranic Healers are very aware of this cycle, and use healing techniques specifically designed to remove stress and anxiety. 

When you learn Pranic Healing, you are equipped with techniques for removing negative thoughts and emotions, making way for optimism, positivity, and prosperity.

Harness a calm mind to carry you through

Regular meditation will also help you maintain clarity of thought and a sense of calm, both of which are essential for making sound financial decisions. Our minds become over active  when we are running at a million miles per hour through life, distracted by technology and an always-on culture.

Taking the time to meditate is critical, and the benefits are enormous. Resting your mind promotes a sense of calm, stillness and inner peace, and provides an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and the world around you in a mindful manner – including your finances.

If you want to experience more clarity, the Pranic Healing Meditation on Twin Hearts is worth a try.

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To gain the courage to act, you must first overcome your fear and focus on the goal at hand. The Pranic Healing Self Development courses will provide you with the tools you need to remove negative thoughts, dispel fear and think more clearly. These tools will assist you in staying on track and seeing things through to a successful conclusion.

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