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Living your Best Healthy Life

Are you making New Year’s resolutions to be healthier?

Did you honour them this year… or the previous years?

Are you fed up with the annual diet and fitness fads that seem to change as frequently as the weather?

Would you like to know about an easier and truly inspiring way to keep body and mind in tip-top condition in 2022 and beyond?

‘Living your best life’ has become a popular quote over the past few years and just about everyone seems to be bandying it about on social media.

Health is understandably part and parcel of that dream. But whilst good health is high on most people’s wish lists when it comes to setting goals for the approaching year… by the end of January, many of us have already found excuses not to go to the gym and ditched the carrots for the cake and the rowing machine for the remote control.

It’s a familiar story for people from all walks of life. Our motivation wanes, particularly when we go ‘cold turkey’ and overlook the wisdom of ‘everything in moderation’; and we fail to schedule exercise commitments into our days, or the prep time in the kitchen to rustle up that fresh healthy meal packed with veggies and superfoods.

Perhaps with good reason when you think about it: many of us have feasted non-stop over Christmas and lounged about watching a flurry of festive movies! It’s tough to go from one extreme to the other so fast and it’s important to be gentle on ourselves.

The good news is Pranic Healing brings a fresh, exhilarating and realisticapproach to all aspects of our health – physical and mental. The valuable techniques learnt on the Level 1 Pranic Healing course (as well as the levels and pathways that follow) are structured and simple to incorporate into our days: from the wonderful Twin Hearts meditation, which flushes out stress and negative energy like a power shower from our aura and chakras (and helps us gain a deeper connection with our soul, reminding us who is truly in charge of the mind and body!), through to immune system boosting treatments – and everything in-between.

Pranic Healing covers it all. 

A balanced mind is essential – and another aspect that is all too often neglected – when it comes to maintaining a healthy body. Slowly but surely, by following the protocols and ancient techniques taught in a Pranic Healing class, even at Level 1 we can erase the old patterns of negative behaviour, reprogramming the mind to stay positive, disciplined and focused on our goals and resolutions, increasing our willpower. Our well-being is restored – body, mind and heart revitalised – and we come away with valuable tools to help those around us whose health may also be in need of a boost.

What better way to honour the new year than to invest in this new and far more sustainable way of life?

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